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Getting Started With Acronis Cyber Protect

When your account is provisioned upon placing your order with CloudEvo you should receive a link to get started on setting up your Acronis Console Partner account.

Completing the partner account setup is your first step to getting started.

Once your partner account is created the general steps to start backing up your devices is in the following order :

  1. Install and register your storage servers : (This is done via your Partner account)  https://wiki.cloudevo.com/knowledge-base/acronis-storage-gateway-install-guide/
             *if you ordered managed storage space from CloudEvo this step is not required
  2. Create your customer level account :
  3. Install and register your Acronis Agents : ( This is done via your Customer account)
  4. Create your backup plan : — Coming Soon! — Here is an official link from Acronis regarding plans : https://www.acronis.com/en-us/support/documentation/AcronisCyberProtect_15/#creating-protection-plan.html

    *If you are using cPanel you will want to opt for installing the plugin prior to creating your backup plan as the plugin will generate the default plan required for this integration to function : https://wiki.cloudevo.com/knowledge-base/acronis-cpanel-install-guide/

Updated on August 6, 2022

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